Upper Ribbon Falls waterfall

Upper Ribbon Falls

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Upper Ribbon Falls Just about everyone visits Ribbon Falls in the Grand Canyon. Those that visit the Upper Ribbon Falls are in for quite the treat! Lucky me, I was being introduced to Upper Ribbon Falls by two Grand Canyon hiking gurus on my first trip down! Located just a few miles south of the Cottonwood Camp Ground off of …

Blue Skies

Yaeger Canyon Loop Trail

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Yaeger Canyon Loop Trail A Winter Solstice Hike on the Yaeger Canyon Loop Trail was the perfect way to spend a day on Mingus Mountain. We started off with snow flurries and ended in sunshine! What more could you ask for when hiking in Northern Arizona with your buddies! Snow flurries and sunshine on the Yaeger Loop Trail. A post …

Camel Head

Echo Canyon Trail

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Echo Canyon Trail One of the most popular Valley hikes is the Echo Canyon Trail on Camelback Mountain. It is also one of the more crowded hikes and during the holidays a heated controversial debate. However it may be, the Echo Canyon Trail was one hike I had to cross of my list and ultimately I am glad to say, …