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Wave Cave Trail

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Superstition 5057

Wave Cave Trail

Hike the Wave Cave Trail in the Superstition Wilderness. Who doesn’t want to catch a wave, in a cave, in the middle of the desert? If you are out in the Superstition Wilderness find the wave cave trail and you can do just that. It’s not a bad little hike, roughly 3 miles in and out total. It’s a bit of a scramble once you get the top with loose dirt and rocks on the final incline (about 500 yards of it). Once you’ve arrived it’s a great place to sit down, have a snack and of course take some desert surfing photos! It is the wave cave after all!

Tip: Go through the barb wire fencing (one of the photos below). Then pay attention to the cairns. They should guide you to the left heading up to the Wave Cave.

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