Camelback Christmas Tree

Camelback Christmas Tree

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Camelback Christmas Tree The Camelback Christmas Tree is back in the news. The tree is a hot debate with locals in the valley. Heated debates from social media to City of Phoenix public meetings are taking place. Group forums on Facebook have banned posts for and/or against. Verbal attacks have been captured on video at the top of the mountain. …

Catch a Wave

Wave Cave Trail

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Wave Cave Trail Hike the Wave Cave Trail in the Superstition Wilderness. Who doesn’t want to catch a wave, in a cave, in the middle of the desert? If you are out in the Superstition Wilderness find the wave cave trail and you can do just that. It’s not a bad little hike, roughly 3 miles in and out total. …

Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail

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Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail An adventure I’ll soon never forget. I had it all planned. 7am drop off at the Lost Dutchman State Park. Hike up the Siphon Draw Trail #53 to Flatiron. Hop on over to Superstition Peak 5024 and camp out along the Superstition Ridgeline Trail to Three Sisters and bag 5057. Then head on out to …

How I got Hooked on Hiking

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How I got Hooked on Hiking Getting hooked on hiking is pretty easy and instead of sulking over the loss of 40 plus years of missed adventures why not start now?! It can’t be ‘that’ difficult, right? Earlier in the spring of 2017 I picked up the little guy from school and off we went on a new adventure. We …