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Earlier this morning, I stumbled across the original illustration that brought Lil Boo and Onote to a reality.

Back in April/May of 2009 I was in search of an Illustrator to bring the real world blog personalities (my son and his imaginary friend) from Peas and Bananas to life in the first children’s book, Peas and Bananas Outside with Lil Boo.  Through a mutual acquaintance, an Illustrator from Canada had emailed me, named Dania Piotti.  I sent her over a few ideas and she familiarized herself with the blog, brand, name, etc.  Within no time at all she submitted this illustration to me:

Lil Boo and Onote have evolved to look nothing like how they did in this original depiction.  However, Dania won me over with her creative artwork back on May 23, 2009.

A few years have zipped pass by us, not necessarily the greatest of times for me personally.  Needless to say it brought back some fond memories of what started this series.  Since then, with the wonderful support of my wife, Colette, who has stood by my side – this afternoon I officially submitted the final manuscript to Peas and Bananas At the Zoo with Lil Boo to the Publisher.

I want to send out a big warm thank you to all that have supported and stood by me, Daddy Bookins, Peas and Bananas and the entire concept behind the series.  This story is nothing like the first book, however staying true to the theme, it is still based on the real life experiences of Lil Boo aka my son (with a few twists of course).  Thank you again, cross your fingers and hopefully by end of summer first part of fall, book two will be in the hands of your lil boos and roos.

Welcome to the YOB Years!  Where all you need is a BIG Hug!

Peas Out!

~Daddy Bookins




  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait to be able to buy At the Zoo!

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