Horatian Ode – At the Zoo with Lil Boo – First Draft Exclusive

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I have been reluctant to post this rough draft of the second book.  Why? Perhaps just my own insecurities.  Perhaps I was afraid of dishonoring the great poet Horace.  Perhaps…well I just don’t know, quite simply enough it was my first ever attempt at writing a Horatian Ode and I was unsure how or if anyone would accept it.  I was at odds with some inner writers turmoil…(how’s that for an excuse?)…

Without further adieu for your reading pleasure the original first unedited version of At the Zoo with Lil Boo before we changed it into quite a successful charming prose, enjoy!


The bright morning sun is gleaming

Casting rays on a boy dreaming

Off in another land

Lil Boo’s day is planned.



Rise and shine, busy he will be

Many adventures he will see.

Wanting to look his best

He gets himself dressed.


A hungry boy he is indeed

Growing frantically like a weed

Sitting at the table

Waiting like an angel.



Breakfast is important to eat

Maple oatmeal is Lil Boo’s treat

With a latte in hand

Looking down in dreamland


There was a delightful array

Of many animals at play

The adventure began

Just as he had planned.



They looked up at him and smiled

“Treasures await you, young child!”

Happy as he could be

Lil Boo smiled with glee.


Off he went to finish his chores

Brushing his teeth slamming the doors

One shoe on, one shoe lost

Lil Boo was crisscrossed



With the help of his mom and dad

Worries were gone and he was glad

The time had come to go

Packed, ready and so


In the car and off down the road

The laughter and chatter echoed

Silly as they could be

Singing songs so cutely



Then out of the blue it appeared

“A mystery key”, Lil Boo cheered

Down the path he wandered

Twirling it he pondered


I wonder how fun it would be

Just to mosey about you see

Animals at the zoo

From a boys point of view



With his friend Onote at his side

The two began to walk in stride.

The Zoo was packed galore

With animals and more.


Where would they start, what would they do?

Stumbling into a friend named Roo.

Come join us on our way

First stop, a bird of prey



Sneaking in to play in the snow

Slipping and sliding to and fro

The snow is cold and wet

Not a place you will sweat


Appreciate this penguin’s home

Even being under a dome

Far away from their home

On our journey we roam



Waddling and walking they stroll

With bamboo and fruit in a bowl

The panda is eating

While slowly depleting


Soft and cuddly the giant plays

Living in harmony these days

Far away from her home

On our journey we roam



Turning the corner, looking high

A tree is moving in the sky

A giraffe is eating

With a tongue so greeting


A long neck and a bumpy head

Happy are they to be widespread

Far away from their home

On our journey we roam



The adventurous group moved on

Over the Zoo paths and beyond

Together they charted

For creatures big hearted


A few of the largest on land

New surroundings that were unplanned

Far away from their home

On our journey we roam



Living in a “pride” you will see

Lions resting up in a tree.

Belting out a large roar

This you may not ignore


Soft is its mane

The lion is quite tame

Far away from its home

On our journey we roam



Flapping about her hefty ears

Spewing dust this elephant fears

Protection from the sun

Or her day will be done.


Using her trunk to eat and drink

Stomach growls will make an eye blink

Far away from her home

On our journey we roam



Munching on an array of grass.

Startled he charges in first class

Bad temper he has not

Poor eye-sight on the dot


The rhino is known for its horn

Crashing about you have been warned

Far away from his home

On our journey we roam



Black and white stripes, each is unique

Very social, zebra’s will speak

Nomadic is the herd

Predators are blurred


Taking a bath in dust and mud

Protects them from a lot of crud

Far away from his home

On our journey we roam



The adventurous group moved on

Over the Zoo paths and beyond

They were lost with no map

Lil Boo wanted a nap


Scurrying down the path with speed

The Zookeeper found friends in need

Lil Boo and friends asleep

Snoring with sounds of sheep



A soft voice said, “Wake up Lil Boo”

We have arrived here at the Zoo

Stunned he opened his eyes

Adventures are his prize

Please feel free to comment below, let me know what you thought – good, bad and/or indifferent.

Welcome to the YOB Years!  Where all you need is a BIG Hug!

Peas Out!

~Daddy Bookins


  1. Great job! I was a bit surprised to read the Boo drinks lattes and elephants fear sunscreen, but really enjoyed reading it.

    1. Author

      Brian, it is true Lil Boo has enjoyed lattes since he was two! 🙂 …and SPF50 for elephants!! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed!
      Peas Out!
      ~Daddy B.

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