How I got Hooked on Hiking

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How I got Hooked on Hiking

Getting hooked on hiking is pretty easy and instead of sulking over the loss of 40 plus years of missed adventures why not start now?! It can’t be ‘that’ difficult, right?

Earlier in the spring of 2017 I picked up the little guy from school and off we went on a new adventure. We tackled Piestewa Peak and officially, ‘peak bagged’ it. A term I had to look up later. Needless to say it was not easy by any means. I probably stopped to catch my breath and rest 6 times while climbing the stair-master from hell. For the little guy, it was a breeze. He’s a true goat. The views from the summit were awe-inspiring! A massive sprawling metropolis as far as my eyes could see! Getting hooked on hiking was just that simple.

There was and will continue to be a lot to learn. I’m a novice on this new thrill seeking adventure of hiking and backpacking. My better, smarter and more attractive half has always told me the mountains were calling her, it’s about time this old office goat listens to her!

Welcome to the new chapter of Daddy Bookins! See you on the trail!

Peas Out!


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