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Echo Canyon Trail

One of the most popular Valley hikes is the Echo Canyon Trail on Camelback Mountain. It is also one of the more crowded hikes and during the holidays a heated controversial debate. However it may be, the Echo Canyon Trail was one hike I had to cross of my list and ultimately I am glad to say, “I’ve hiked Camelback!”

The trail is short at 2.5 miles in and out. Steep as in staircases and some boulder crawling with an AEG of 1,417′, at the peak you are sitting at roughly 2,700′ which edges out Piestewa by about 100′. Enjoy the views from the highest peak in Phoenix while you’re up top. Let’s not forget how super crowded it is both on your way up, at the top, and on your way down.  When it’s all said and done, you’ll make at least a few friends on your journey.

A few notes, parking is a pain. It is limited on the Echo Canyon Trail side. I went midweek during the mid-morning hours and didn’t have any issues. Take plenty of water and snacks. Also, wear the proper shoes. I actually saw someone in wingtips going up the trail.

Enjoy the photo gallery, no particular order or reason.

Peas Out!