Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point

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Bright Angel Trailhead

Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point

After living in Arizona for over 30 years, one would think I have hiked the Grand Canyon at least once. As it may be, not true. I’ve been one of the millions of onlookers from above and that is all. Our original goal was to take the little guy and go on a backpacking trip over fall break, however some five months ago that wishful thought was denied as there were over 2,400 plus backcountry permit applications for the month of October. Luckily we did get a permit for November and that trip will be 7 days just minus the little guy.

With that said, how could we get the little guy and myself to experience the Grand Canyon? My Father-in-Law had the perfect answer: A Day Hike! He has been hiking the Grand Canyon for years now with his buddies, so we knew we would be in good hands! We left the Bright Angel Trailhead at 10:30am and took off to our destination of Plateau Point. We made stops at Rest House 1 and Rest House 2. Scoped out possible camp sites for the following month when we arrived at Indian Garden. Then headed out to Plateau Point for a late lunch and then the turn around back to the top. It was 8:09PM by the time we returned to the Bright Angel Trailhead and a brisk 36 degrees.  A total of 12.3 miles and almost 10 hours of hiking with an AEG of 3,356 ft. It was an experience like no other. Words cannot express the magnitude of the Grand Canyon. I was in complete awe the entire time down and back up.

Enjoy the photo gallery, no particular order or reason. It’s just the Grand Canyon and whatever a camera could capture.

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