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21 Treasures

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21 Treasures

I am fascinated by the likes of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, Don Joaquin’s Lost Spanish Mine, and of course the more current treasure chest hidden by Forrest Fenn. I believe a lot of us deep down wish we were more adventurous and would go exploring for these long lost treasures, if they truly exist. That’s not to say they don’t. It’s all based on speculation and tales told over the years. So, why not create a modern day treasure hunt? That’s where 21 Treasures comes into play! I hope you’ll join in on the adventure!

If you enjoy treasure hunting, solving riddles and exploring the unknown then 21 Treasures is the perfect adventure for you!

Glad you’re here! Take a minute to introduce yourself in the comments below.

House Rules

  1. Safety First!
  2. Be Nice!
  3. Have Fun!


There will be a total of 21 Treasures hidden throughout Arizona. Each treasure will have a riddle/poem/clues posted as they go live. The value of each treasure will double in value and is generated entirely through the ad revenue on this site. Do the math, after the first few treasures and you’ll see the value of the 21st treasure will be quite nice!

Follow along for updates here on the site as well as social media with the hashtag #21Treasures. Have questions, post a comment below or on an individual treasure post.

Happy Treasure Hunting!

  • Treasure 1 Treasure Value: $1.00
  • Treasure 2 Treasure Value: $2.00
  • Treasure 3 Treasure Value: $4.00
  • Treasure 4 Treasure Value: $8.00
  • Treasure 5 Treasure Value: $16.00
  • Treasure 6
  • Treasure 7
  • Treasure 8
  • Treasure 9
  • Treasure 10
  • Treasure 11
  • Treasure 12
  • Treasure 13
  • Treasure 14
  • Treasure 15
  • Treasure 16
  • Treasure 17
  • Treasure 18
  • Treasure 19
  • Treasure 20
  • Treasure 21

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