At the Zoo with Lil Boo

Peas and Bananas Series

Book Two – Peas and Bananas At the Zoo with Lil Boo

Peas & Bananas – At the Zoo with Lil Boo

by: Daddy Bookins
Illustrated by: Dania Piotti
ISBN: 978-0-9848019-2-3
Pages: 42
Format: Perfect Binding
Size: 9″x6″
Publisher: Inkwell Productions
Accolades: 2013 K.A.R.T. Kids Book List Winner, 2012 Purple Dragonfly Awards – Honorable Mention, 5-Star Readers Favorite Review

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The second book of the Peas and Bananas series.  Peas and Bananas At the Zoo with Lil Boo is an illustrated children’s book based on the creative experiences and imagination of Daddy Bookins son, Lil Boo.  From the moment the sun rises, join the adventurous duo Lil Boo and Onote on a journey across the zoo. They will learn about an array of animals from penguins to zebras, as well as making a new friend named, Roo! You never know what surprises will turn up in a child’s imagination.









About the Author:

Daddy Bookins, is the pen name of Cameron Davison the founder of the formerly very active Peas and Bananas daddy blog and former twitter junkie.  His professional career consists of being an Engineer operating two critical 24×7 Data Centers in Arizona. In his personal life he is a husband to his lovely wife Colette going on 12 years and daddy to the most amazing little boy imaginable, the infamous – Lil Boo.  Teamed up with the Mrs. and an IV of espresso, together the duo have been learning and living life through the trials and tribulations of raising a toddler.  He is forever gracious to have them in his life…this life on the grid.

With the present success of Outside with Lil Boo and At the Zoo with Lil Boo children’s books, he has been focusing on developing interactive children’s applications to coincide with the upcoming Television show, The Adventures of Lil Boo.

About the Illustrator:

Dania Piotti, is a Toronto-based illustrator and mother of two adventurous and inspiring boys (also known as her muses).  She has been creating vibrant children’s art for over 10 years now.  A graduate of the Graphic Arts & Design program at Humber College, her work has appeared on Toronto City Line, Breakfast Television and Telelatino programs.  There have also been several articles written about her work as a children’s artist and body castor.  You can view some of her children’s art and decor Her adult art has been on display around the world from London, Toronto and even Prescott, Arizona!  Check out the awe-inspiring collections

Peas Out!

~Daddy Bookins